Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 66 - A week with the Assistants

Hey Guys!

Well I told the mission President about my idea of establish an official church group in the new area, and he said he was going to talk to the local district President about it, but he did say that it could be good to put a group there.   I still haven't heard about it since then, so I don't think it will happen during this change.

So I basically wasn't in my area at all this week: we had concilio, operations to get ingrown toenails taken out, etc. So for the majority of the week, I was in the Cap, with Elder Larsen and Elder Suman, the assistants to President. It was pretty cool to be with them, because they're both good friends of mine in the mission, and we started our missions together. They're both very good missionaries, and I enjoyed the opportunity we had to be able to work together.

Today for P-Day, we went to a place called the Castle of St. Philip, which was pretty cool. It was a prominent site of the Inquisition in the Americas. But our tour guide was super mean to us. I don't know why either, but whatever. It was pretty cool after we finished the official tour. Sorry I don't have any pictures, but my camera broke, so I don't have a way of getting any pictures. :( Maybe someone from the zone will be able to let us borrow his camera.

I finished Reading the Book of Mormon again! It's pretty cool to be able to start over again, and learn new things over and over again. Something I learned this week is found in 1

Nephi 2:1-2:
For Behold, it came to pass that the Lord spake unto my father, yea, even in a dream, and said unto him: Blessed art thou, Lehi, because of the things that thou hast done, and because thou hast been faithful and declared unto this people the things which I commanded thee, behold, they seek to take away thy life.
And it came to pass that the Lord commanded my father, even in a dream, that he should take his family and depart into the wilderness.

Well, the question is, what is there to learn from this scripture? What you can learn is this: The Lord does not give further instruction to those who cannot follow the first commandment. Those who can and do follow the first Word they receive from the Father are those who are BLESSED with the opportunity to receive further instruction from the Father.

Food for thought.

Love you guys!


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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