Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 6

This week Jeff left the missionary training center and entered the Guatemala City East mission.  We will not receive an email from Jeff this week, but here are a couple pictures and brief message from the mission president.

"We are very happy to inform you that Elder Reed has arrived safely in the Guatemala East Mission. It is a great blessing to have him with us and we look forward to serving with him.

Monday is the preparation day in our mission and each missionary is encouraged to write his or her family each Monday. If possible, e-mail is the best way to communicate. Missionaries are only authorized to use their church e-mail account and should not use other web sites or services such as Facebook. It is also important for our missionaries to receive word from home. It seems that the most happy and productive missionaries are those who receive active support from their family, friends and priesthood leaders with regular and positive letters."
Thank you to everyone for your support of Jeff while he's on his mission.

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