Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 4

¡Hola Familia!

Guess what happened this week?

Nothing at all that was really significant...

Right now, Guatemala is in the middle of their rainy season from May to October. The amount of rain we´ve had this week could have solved the California drought. It's really nice when it rains, because when you don’t feel like playing volleyball while taking a shower, you can go into the gym, which has a wonderful tin roof. There is nothing like the sound of rain beating down on a tin roof. It rained all day yesterday, and the P-Day before that. The clouds hang really low in the sky, too, so when lightning strikes, sometimes, it’s as loud as a gunshot. There is nothing more energizing than hearing thunder up close. I love it here.

Scorpion, when was the last time you had fried plantains? They’re a staple down here. I’m open to basically any food, and they're not bad! I have a new favorite fruit, too. They're called lychee and they look like tiny little dragon fruits. They're really good.

CCM humor is really really really really really really really really really stupid. The funniest things at the CCM are the word "clean" and smacking things out of people´s hands. Whenever we´re not studying, we´re back in Deacon´s Quorum...

I’ve been focusing my study on the Atonement for the past week, and you know how in every picture of Jesus, he´s always straight-faced? I don´t remember the last time I saw a picture of Jesus smiling. Kind of random, but it was something I was thinking about as I was studying this week. Christ may have lived a perfect life, but he was still just as human as you or I. How else could he know the needs of the people he worked with?  He smiled with them, laughed with them, cried with them, and did everything in his power (which was a lot) to bless their lives. He was subject to the same pains, the same trials, the same temptations, and the same sufrimientos (suffering) that life has to offer. What made him perfect, what made him our Savior and Redeemer was not that his perfection made him beyond the pains of the world; what made Jesus our Savior was that his perfection made him constantly subject to the tortures of sorrow; Jesus was the Son of God, but he was born into this world in imperfection, that he would better know how to succor his people. I am so grateful that he knows who I am, and that he knows exactly what my life is like. 


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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