Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 14 - Zecapa

A la gran... Semana 14??!!

Wow, it's been forever. ANYWAYS...

HEY GUYS! How's it going? This week was absolutely insane, and it hasn't stopped getting any busier, even on P-Day.

Remember the divisions I wrote about last week? This week I had divisions with a new elder from the Dominican Republic named Elder Vasquez. We basically clicked instantly when we started divisions. He's super pilas(which is basically a combination of fast, smart, and cool) and he LOVES to work. For a day, Elder Vasquez and I, the newest elders in the area, ran around, talking to people, and teaching as best as we knew how.

At least he could speak fluent Spanish...

Also, apparently Latinos don't have French Toast. For both Elder Franco and Elder Vasquez now, I've gotten the same reaction when I made them French Toast. They look at it, a little confused, and say, "What is this?" and then when they try it, they love it.

We also had interviews with the president. Every three months, the president of the mission has a personal interview with each one of the missionaries, which is a little scary for some elders, but for me, it was a blessing to be able to talk about how I feel about the work in English. There's a lot of different kinds of missionaries out here. We spent time just talking about the language, the work, and my obedience to the rules. I’m still not used to all of the mission rules yet, but I'm doing my best to be as obedient as I can. It really does bring blessings.

This week, I want to send you guys two scriptures that have affected my mission so far: Alma 5:45-46 and Omni 1:26. IF you have the time, read them, and I know that they can bless your lives as well. 

Thank you all!! I love all of you! Y por favor, continĂșen escribir! Me encanta sus historias, sus cartas, y todas las otras cosas!

For the Family:
I’m gonna expand a little bit on the story of the missionary with the cold, that Scorpion tells us.

There were 2 missionaries that had a cold. One didn’t think that he had a cold, and no matter what the other missionaries or his companion told him, he denied it. One day, though, during a lesson, he sneezed more than twenty times in a row. This is when he realized, of course he had a cold! Immediately, all the doubt left his heart, and he was blessed with the knowledge of what to do.

The other missionary knew he had a cold, but he didn’t want to do anything about it. His cold lingered and eventually, his companion caught it.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Love, Elder Jeffrey Reed

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