Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 15 - Zacapa

Hi guys!!!

So Elder Franco and I are pretty excited for the end of the month. Why? Because our contract with the lady who owns our house end, and we can move! We pay wayyy too much for the house we live in right now, so every so often, we'll write down the number of an apartment that we see while going about our daily lives.

We've had somewhat of a duller week, but the good news is that some of the members are opening up to us more! We recently reactivated a less active member named Cristofer, and now he's been helping us with the proselyting! Every so often, he'll come proselyte with us, so that's cool. 

The zone's getting a little restless. Something big is gonna happen with the next change that we have, but we don’t know what. The scariest thing for me is that I finish my missionary training when the next change rolls around. I could stay with Elder Franco, I could have a new companion, I might have to train a new elder, or they might move me from Zacapa. We won't know until December, though.

My Spanish has definitely progressed from when I left. I feel like I can basically understand most of what people say here, but there's still a lot I lack. I feel like I’m really close to understanding everything, like there's some little thing that I haven’t learned yet. But I know I’ll get it eventually.

Here are some day in the life details for you:

Basic life is good! We eat eggs, pancakes, a LOT of bananas, sausages, chicken, rice, sandwiches.   Every day I have a cold shower and exercise in the morning, wash dishes and clothes at the pila, cereal for breakfast, study for 4 hours (normal missionaries study for 2 hours, but I’m still in training so it’s 4 hours), make lunch, leave to proselyte, return at nine PM, plan for 30 minutes, make dinner while Elder Franco counts the numbers every night, and sleep.  I get to sing quite a bit! I’m actually supposed to sing at the next zone conference, so Ill send you a video of that if I can.

I miss all of you guys! Something I've learned while I've been out here is that when you need to do something difficult or if something seems a little uncomfortable to do, don’t be afraid to do it. I love you!!!!!


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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