Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 27

Hey Guys!

Well, this week we were hardly able to get anything done at all, because we spent 3 days traveling: Monday and Tuesday in the Capital, and Thursday in Los Amates.  We've had a lot of adventures this week. First off, with our 2 best friends Elder Carter and Elder Cortes, we sang hymns on a crowded bus for about an hour while we were going to the Capital. Then, I had the opportunity to teach people in the capital. Guess what? PEOPLE IN THE CAPITAL CAN READ!!! I haven't been teaching educated people or actually spoken with educated people in a long time, so that was a cool experience.

After we returned from the capital, we finally put our village visits into effect. We have a village in our area that's very very far from everything else, called Tapata. This Wednesday, we went 50 minutes outside of Zacapa to look for these people and to teach them. And they're very very very humble and content there. At every house we visited, the people greeted us with a smile and said, "Come in!" Incredible. We stayed there for about 90 minutes, but then we got a message that we had to be in Zacapa at 3, so we ran back from Tapata to the city, dropped off our member at his home, and went and had interviews with the mission President.

Afer that, on Thursday we went to Los Amates, but because we knew nothing about where we were going, we ended up getting off the bus in the right place, but walking 2 kilometers away to a little village called Quirigua. That village is what you think of when you think "Guatemala": villages, jungles, tropical plants, light rain, humidity, Spanish and Keq'chi, everything. It was really cool to see. But then we called President to figure out where the chapel was and realized that that wasn't where we were supposed to be. 
This week's been a bit difficult to work with the area, but this week, my eyes have ben opened more to the sufferings of the people who are already members. There's a lot who are unhappy, and need more of this Gospel focus in their lives. So that's what we're going to do, as another one of our goals this week.

Scripture reading this week for all who want to: Mosiah 2.22, D&C 59:23, Matthew 9. Something I've learned is when we have faith, we believe in Jesus Christ- more literaly than I've ever understood it. Through our faith, He works miracles. We never can perform miracles at all; it's Him. It's always been him. We, as human beings, are so literally dependent on our Master and Savior for everything that we have. All the good I've been able to do in my life has never been on my own. It's never been me. It's always been Him. And I, as one of his representatives here on the Earth, am only window to His love. There is no greater joy than expressing that same love to people. 

I love you all! Thank you for writing!!!! I'll see you soon!


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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