Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 32

Hey Guys!

To pick up where I left off the last time, we've got a basically brand-new
zone. Whenever people leave a zone a new people arrive, you always feel the
difference. This change, the zone is a lot calmer. Things are still the
same in my ward with Elder Carter and elder Cortes (I'll get you guys a
photo of us this week; my camera died and I forgot to charge it) but
really, everything outside of that has changed.

It's March, and iguanas are in season! I didn't know that people ate
iguanas, but apparently they do. I can't imagine how they catch them
either., because the iguanas here are monstrous and mean. I still haven't
tried it yet, but Elder Vasquez says its good.

We're approaching the Holy Week down here! Every Friday, a bunch of
different Catholic preachers gather these groups of people and go around
from house to house. They stop wherever there's a picture of the Virgin
Mary, and they sing a bunch of songs there. I was kind of disappointed
when I didn't see any Christmas carolers this December, but apparently
they put more stress on Semana Santa and Pascua here.

It's been a harder week for me as a missionary. As I've mentioned before,
there's a lot of people down here with a lot of problems, but many of these
people don't want to give up their problems. They love the familiar
problems they have rather than the new but liberating opportunity they have
to be freed from those problems. I've been thinking about this and the
parable of the Sower. These people have spiritual weeds in their hearts.
Many of them believe, and know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only
thing that can bring them happiness, but they care too much about the
things of the world to give place for the seed of the Gospel. These things,
(like drinking habits, greed, problems with people, etc.) have stopped many
many many people in Guatemala from accepting the Savior and his doctrine.
As I've thought about this, I've realized that I'm not perfect either; that
sometimes, I care more about the things of the world than I care about my
Savior. So today, in this minute, to everyone who reads this, I invite you
all. Look inside yourself. What things matter most to you? Are some of
those things that you don't want in your life or things that really don't
matter? If these weeds exist, cast them out. Give a little more room for
the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your life. Follow the Savior's example, in
thought, in word, in deed, and in habit. To help you guys study, read
Isaiah 52:11, and after that, read 53:3-5. Remember that Jesus Christ
always kept what was most important in mind.
Elder Jeffrey Reed

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