Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 48 - Not very easy

Hey Guys!!!

It's been an interesting week. Due to disobedience, the mission recently sent home 7 elders, so President called for an emergency conference this Wednesday. There, we reviewed the mission rules together. Personally, I've never seen President so stressed out in my life. But at least there's no question in Elder Villar's mind as to what the rules are.

Thursday- at 7am in the morning, they called us and told us we had ANOTHER reunion at 9, so we rushed to get ready and got to Molino at about 8:30. There, we had our second training reunion for Elder Villar. After that...

Elder Villar got sick.

We had divisions, and I got sick, too.

And now I'm here, in the family history center of the stake building, writing you guys.

One of the funny things about 4th of July or Thanksgiving or any other holiday that we're familiar with in the States is that the majority of those are strictly stateside holidays. SO we don't really celebrate. None of the Latinos really care, but for the 3 gringos in the zone, we're all a little trunky.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! (He turned 46 on July 1st)

But either way, this week's been a little difficult for us.

This week, I was thinking about Spiritual Strength. What is spiritual strength? Oddly enough, what I've learned about it in the past 5 weeks has changed my perspective completely on what it is.

Spiritual Strength is the Humility required to submit yourself to the will of God in all things. How can we be humble and how can we be strong at the same time? Really, we can't. God doesn't expect us to be strong. Any person who tried to face the challenges and difficulties of life on his or her own is REALLY going to suffer.

But we don't have to be alone.

Be humble. I ask you all. Let the Spirit into your heart, and ask the Lord what he wants us to do. As we do what the Lord wants us to do, instead of doing what WE want, our problems lessen. We have joy. A new sense of purpose comes into our lives. We are healed. The strength that we take upon ourselves is not our own. The Lord, the all-powerful, Omnipotent Father of all that is on Heaven and Earth, makes us stronger. He gives us his own strength, and with His divine power, even the hardest or most difficult obstacles simply crumble away from before us.
Elder Jeffrey Reed

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