Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 47 - Abner Elel

Hey Guys!

So, if you guys have followed my e-mails, you know that I've been working with an investigator named Abner Elel. He's a very special investigator for me, because his girlfriend served a mission with my sister in Honduras. Not only that, but he's very receptive. I've been able to watch him grow little by little as he learns about the gospel and makes an effort to put it in practice in his life. 

On Saturday, we got to the church at 1:30 to clean up the chapel in time for the baptism at 4. We mopped the halls, filled up the baptismal font, killed the mosquitoes and made sure everything was ready. We finished at 3, but at about 3:10, our mission leader told us that the baptism was actually gonna start at 5 because of delays, so we went to work.

Well, there weren't any delays. :/

Everyone got there at about 3:45, and NO ONE had the keys except us. So our bishop called us at 4:15, and we came running.

We got there a little flustered, and I got to meet Hermana Alvarez, Jodi's old companion. She wasn't too impressed that we had gotten there late, but she was very happy during the baptism.

After that, we had the confirmation, which was an even more spiritual event. I've never felt happier at seeing someone receive the confirmation ordinance. He's a very faithful person. I hope to see him after this life, still faithful to his covenants.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Guatemala for almost a full year.  Yep. The world's changed. I've changed. But I still have a long way to go. I know that after a year is finished, everything goes by a lot faster, and I like my life here, so I don't really want to go home.

Let love abound in your hearts this week. Not love as the world sees it, but the love of Christ. I promise you guys that everything will look better.


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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