Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 43 - Why are you wearing Crocs?

Hey Guys!

So the topic of this e-mail is "Why are you walking around with a flip-flop on?" Part of one of the many adventures of being a missionary is ingrown toenails. Last P-Day, after writing you guys, we went to go play football (Soccer for all you American people) and after playing football, my toe really started hurting. So we took it to the doctor this Friday, and I had the toenail partially taken out. SO for the past few days I've been walking around with a caite, or a Croc on my right foot, and when I went to church this Sunday, all the little kids who were there asked me: "¿y su zapato?" or "¿Porque anda con caite?" I thought it was pretty funny. 

Also, I had my SECOND emergency change this change. Elder Roque, my companion, broke his knee for the second time in his mission, and went home to Honduras. The thing is that he had already broken it once. He went home for surgery, and after 7 months, he came back. BUT he re-broke it standing up after kneeling to offer a prayer.  So right now, I'm in trio with Elder Borjas and Elder Edwards, my district leader and his junior companion. 

This is the week of changes, and I'm going to train again! I love training, because new elders are enthusiastic (if they're not thinking about home) and they have NO idea what to expect when they start their mission. SO I get to be the first missionary another elder sees. I'm gonna try to train him well.  It’s a little hard to send two elders home in 1 change, but I had 2 baptisms this month!

Funny story- Jodi served with Hermana Alvarez, a Guatemalteca from Chimaltenango. This is VERY far from my area, but Hna Alvarez' boyfriend, Abner Elel, is a cadet studying to be a police officer at the local police academy. Every Sunday night, we bless the Sacrament there for the members and teach the investigators who come to the meetings. Abner is one of those investigators. When I first got to know him, I was pretty impressed. He loves extreme sports and is very, very smart. When I invited him to be baptized, he told me, "Of course!" Then, after teaching him yesterday, he asked me: "Hey, do you have a cousin or a sister named Hermana Reed?" 

"Yeah..." I told him. He got really excited a moment.

"Where did she serve?"

"Comayaguela, Honduras."

"Hombre, I think your sister and my girlfriend were companions on the mission."

You never know who you will find and who you will affect.  Even the smallest things make the biggest difference in the lives of people.
Elder Jeffrey Reed

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