Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 42 - Wildest Week Ever

All Right Guys, 
Ready to hear about this week?

Tuesday: The last time I had written you guys, we had just gotten back from a trip to the temple. I was REALLY tired. After that, we went to our mission correlation with our mission leaders.

Wednesday: Hermana Risely had her baptismal interview this day, so I went on divisions with Elder Edwards, and at about 4:00, it started to rain- HARD. This is one of the first times in my mission where I've had to work in real Guatemalan storm conditions, so I was excited. But people here in the cap aren't as friendly- NO ONE let us in this day, expect the people who we had appointments with. At one point, we were talking to a guy, and he told us, "No, i just don't have time for you guys." So I pointed to the sky and said, " Are you sure?" He started to laugh, and then said, "Look, I know you guys are giving your effort to your mission, but really, I don't have time for you guys." and he closed the door. #missionlife

Thursday: We finished divisions, and it was STILL raining, very hard. We experienced basically the same reaction that I saw the day before, and then we had our Brothership night. (We've been working to make them more dynamic, so that the members can become more unified in my ward) and NO ONE came because of the rain. :/ then we went to visit the members who had invited us to eat, and when we got there, they had forgotten, so I made mangu for them (a Dominican food, ask Dad if you want to know what it is)

Friday: We had our weekly planning, and EVERYONE in the zone was really stressed. 
We went and did our visits, and then at about 8:50, I realized that I had left the cell phone in the house of the member where we had taught the last investigator that day. To make things worse, we didn’t have the number of our district leaders, so we went to the other missionaries' house in Parroquia to report it. My Zone leaders weren't very happy with me... :/

I don’t have much time left, so to sum things up, we had our first baptism in this area on Saturday, and Sunday we taught in the police academy, which is growing VERY fast. This change ends this week! See you guys later! Love you all!

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