Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 44 - Wintertime in Guatemala - Training Again

Hey Guys!

Well, since I've started training again, I've seen how much I've grown as a missionary. It's somewhat startling to see how much more I've learned in the short space of 10 months. And the work here is good. In California, it's summertime, but right now in Guatemala, we're coming up to winter. In winter here, it rains. VERY VERY HARD. And I lost my umbrella, so I'm looking forward to many rainy days. But I love it all! That's one of the best parts of being a missionary- you get to have a lot of experiences that literally no one else would ever have, such as contacting people in the rain.

Rainy season is interesting here. When it's raining, everyone goes to their houses and stays inside. The only problem with this is that when 2 soaking wet elders come to the door, asking if they can share a message of Jesus Christ and offer a prayer to bless their homes, they, for whatever reason, don't want to let us in. I don't know why either! If I saw two soaking wet elders at my door, asking to bless my home with a message of Jesus Christ, even if I was Atheist I would at least feel bad for them and let them in. But that kind of sympathy doesn't seem to exist here.
Right now, I am training Elder Villar, a Peruano. He's having a bit of difficulty adapting to the mission life and struggles a little bit with the rules, but we're learning together. I don't think we'll have too many difficulties, but the only thing that gets to me is his sarcasm.
Other than that, I've been thinking about obedience and how we can apply it in our lives. I love what we learn from the stripling warriors in Alma 57, in the Book of Mormon, in verses 21-27. Obedience, exact obedience is really what helps us to become better. Every single one of us has a particular habit or something that impedes us from growing. I invite every single one of you to grow, to change, and to better your lives! (and for everyone who has a Book of Mormon close by, read those verses)

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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