Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 57 - Meet the Zone

Hey Guys!!

Well, this week was EXHAUSTING. We had a zone leader council this week so we were out of our area for 3 days. But it was SUPER cool to be at that meeting. With just the Zone Leaders there, you feel a different spirit. The instructions are more specific, and they help you become as edified as your companion. Tomorrow, we have a Zone meeting, where we relay the instructions we received to our zone, but we do it in a way that will help them the most. In the conference, we talked about our baptismal goals and the things we have to do to keep ourselves progressing. I'm going to strive more to have the Spirit with me as I work.
Ok, so I don't have too many pictures from the week, but I'm gonna tell you about the zone a little bit.

1: Elder Santos (ZL1)
-from Santateca, El Salvador
-has been on the mission for 13 months
-loves peanut butter
-Companions: Elder Reed and Elder Elkins
I've known this guy practically all my mission. He's a good friend, we get along well, and we work in a very similar manner. 

2: Elder Reed (ZL2)
-from Danville, California
-has been on the mission for 13 months
-loves watermelon
-Companions: Elder Santos and Elder Elkins
Well, you already know me... jajajaja

3. Elder Elkins (Cm)
-From Kaysville, Utah
-has been out on the mission for 2 weeks
-loves being clean
Companions: Elder Santos and Elder Reed
Elder Elkins is a classic new missionary (the members say that Utah missionaries are "from the factory") He loves football and baseball, and has boundless enthusiasm for the work. He's here to serve.

4: Elder Nawahine (DL)
-from Laie, Hawaii
-Has been out on the mission for 13 months
-loves food TOO much
Companion: Elder Montes
This guy was my companion in the CCM. He's the same as always: funny, laughy, always singing- he just eats too much food. He doesn't ever worry if what he's eating will make him sick or not.

5: Elder Montes (Cm)
-from Lima, Peru
-has been out on the mission for 5 months
-doesn't really eat food
Companion. Elder Nawahine
This guy is a quiet little Peruvian. He's been in his area for a while, and is a very drastic contrast with elder Nawahine. 

I don't have time to describe the rest of them to you, but I'll send more in the next!

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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