Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 63 - Running and Seeing the Family

Hey Guys!

This week was one of the busiest weeks of my life! I've never had to run so much in my life! We've been running, working, racing to beat time. This week went by SUPER fast. We had a baptism this week. I don't know if I mentioned him in earlier letters, but his name's Mainor Cac. He comes to church in Puerto Barrios from Livingston, and one day, when I was with elder Santos and elder Elkins, he just showed up to church! So we invited him to be baptized right then and there, and he said, "Well, I would like to. No one's ever given me the opportunity before." :D so he was baptized last week.

This week, we had a trainer's reunion in ZACAPA, my first area! I was super hyped to see it all again, and when we got there, it was nice. The streets I had seen were the exact same, the buses costed the same, the sun was just as strong and it was just as hot as it was before. We went to the chapel and got ready for the reunion, and while we're waiting, in walks Elder Flores from the Dominican Republic, the first elder I ever trained! All my mission family was there!

This is my family! Look:
Starting from the left to the right:

Elder Reyes: my fourth trainee(son)
Elder Reed: me
Elder Flores: my first trainee(son)
Elder Wells: second trainee of Elder Flores (grandson)
Elder Dunn: first trainee of Elder Flores (grandson)
Elder Villagomez: trainee of Elder Dunn (great-grandson)
I feel old...

But it was super cool to get the family together. Those guys are all super cool. They're all great missionaries and are working super hard.

Either way, I'm out here loving life. Don't have too much more to say for this week, other than that it's super cool to be able to work with someone and watch them prepare to be baptized, and then do it because they really want to.

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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