Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 64 - S'mores

Hey Guys!

Abner wrote me! (Mom and Dad, Abner is one of my converts from my second area)
I lost his e-mail so I haven't been able to talk to him, but he's still faithful, still assisting, and he wrote me for the first time!

So we're doing pretty well down here in Puerto Barrios! 3 notable things that happen in our area:

1) It never ever ever stops raining. Many times we'll wake up in the morning to the sound of rain, look outside, and see a river where the dirt street used to be.  I'm considering buying a canoe. 

2) The branch here hardly ever has activities, so my companion and I decided to change that. At 6:30 this Saturday, we built a bonfire in the church parking lot, and we had about 30 people who showed up! We all had s´mores (half the people couldn't pronounce that), shared a spiritual thought of about 10 minutes about Christ's sacrifice, and how really every part of our worship should point to that, and then played games. It was super fun, and after that we had a really good attendance to church the following Sunday. This week, we're having soccer practices in preparation for a soccer match against the neighboring branch, Santo Tomas. (and we're gonna kill them, because Puerto Barrios is the best)

3) This week was particularly good because we had interviews with President. Recently, I've been working on improving the way I pray, I've had ideas and put them in practice, but I always felt like something was missing. and that is to "pray with all the energy of your heart". Have you ever felt like your daily prayers are becoming routine? That you've become so use to getting on your knees and praying that when you do so, what you say doesn't mean anything? That's the way I've felt. Praying- I mean really praying, every opportunity that you get, and having a spiritual experience, and being able to feel the Holy Spirit every time, is a LOT of work. so, when you go to pray, GET TO WORK. Pray with all the energy of your heart, and let every desire of your soul be to commune with your Father. That's when prayer starts to get effective.

That's my week for you guys! Thank you for all your support! Luvyubai

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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