Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 77 - Cell Phone Troubles

Hey Guys!

Well, this week was very interesting. I'm gonna tell you guys why:

We had our cell phone stolen about 2 weeks ago. That's REALLY annoying when that happens because we're Zone Leaders and we have to know everything about what's happening in the other areas. So we borrowed the cell phone of the sisters and called our cell phone (or in other words, we were calling the guy who had our cell phone) basically every single second of the day and every day of the week for about 4 days until the guy got tired and told us he would give the phone back for 50 quetzales. SO we recovered the phone. We had reported it as robbed to the office and had told them to block it, so when we had recovered it it stilled worked, but when we got back to the house that night to take dats, we discovered that our phone suddenly didn't work. Even more annoying.

For about 5 days, we used the cell phone of the sister missionaries in the night to take dats. Then one morning, I tried to fix our phone by switching the chips, Bad idea. Both cell phones were blocked. Even MORE annoying. Then the office elder called us to tell us that they couldn't unblock our phone and there was no point in trying anymore.
for about 3 days we tried using pay phones to talk to the Zone. The pay phones here are expensive and don’t work too well, and the usually rob us of the money we put into them. So after we had spent all our spare change on pay phones, we asked permission to buy another phone chip. The phone chip we bought is basically converts the cell phone we share with the hermanas into a portable pay phone wherever we go. It's not the best, because we have to share it, but hey, it works. At least we can communicate with the zone.

Well, that was basically the week. I learned two things this week:
1) I need to be careful with cell phones
2) I never want to work in a phone agency

Spiritual thought: With God, you're never gonna have communication problems liek the ones I just described. Prayer is great, because you can talk with that Being who loves you more than any other, whenever you want. Prayer doesn't cost anything, either. There are many times when I) have found myself simply saying prayers instead of really praying. That's because prayer many times requires effort. To really pray, we must have very sincere conversations with God. And God doesn't respond as one man talks to another. He responds through the Spirit. Prayer and listening to the Spirit go hand in hand. Maybe as we pray, we can take moments to listen, and as we listen, the Spirit can tell us what God has to say.


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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