Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 90 - Lots of Splits

Hey Guys!

Well, it's been a busy and a weird week. Elder Moore got extremely sick, so we had to take care of him for a couple days. Even so, we could always still get out to work. 

I also went on divisions to an area in the zona called La Leyenda (the Legend.) That was interesting because the area is VERY VERY much like Zacapa. It's not as hot, but it looks VERY similar. I felt super good working there with Elder Coc, the elder who's there right now, and we invited two people to baptism, who accepted. The area hadn't had fechas for a couple weeks, so we were able to accomplish the purpose of the divisions. 

After that, I had divisions in Marti, the area of the assistants. Right now, the assistants are Elder Olsen, Elder Vasquez, and Elder Carter. I've known all these guys for a very long time, and it was fun to be with my friends again, to catch up a little bit on life, and to work hard.
We're coming up to changes again. I don't think I have changes, but the truth is that I want to have changes. Even though by the end of 3 months, 5 people will have been baptized here, but it’s been challenging to motivate the missionaries here.  Because of the previous obedience problems here I really don't trust the missionaries that are currently in the zone. Many times, a new missionary has the missionary purpose more written in his heart than an older one. When a person receives a missionary call, he receives the same right to the power that the prophets and apostles of old have- and I am a witness to that. If the mission president asked me what I’d like to do the for the last part of my mission I’d tell them I would love to finish the mission working all my days to teach a brand new missionary about that.  However, if I need to stay here in La Esperanza and continue working with missionaries who need some prodding, I’ll do it to the best of my abilities.

Besides that, there's nothing too interesting that's happening right now. We're gonna have 3 baptisms this coming week! 1 from the Esperanza, and 2 from the Maya (our 2 areas) I'll send you photos next week! Love you all! See you!


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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