Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 91 - Training for the 5th time!

Hey Guys!
Well, I was given the change I had been wanting! I tried to leave the change up to the Lord as much as I could, while at the same time, expressing to the Lord my desires. 

It was very interesting - on one hand, I felt like I was trying to impose my ideas on the Lord, but on the other hand, I wanted Him to do what he had planned for me. It looks like he had plans for me to train anyways, so that's very nice to see.

We've had a very nice week - we had 3 baptisms with Elder Moore and with Elder De Leon. Elder De Leon just finished his last week on the mission, and his last week he was completely FRIED.  It was super hard to get him to do anything, but it helped that we were gonna baptize, so whenever he stayed in his bed we could always have a nice conversation to get him up.

It went somthing like this:
E' De Leon: "Hombre, yo no quiero hacer nada." (Man, I don't want to do anything.)
Me: "¿Quiere bautizar?" (Do you want to baptize?)
E' De Leon: "Si..." (yeah)
Me: "¡Levantese, pues!" (Get up, then!)
E' De Leon: "Ahorita voy..." (all right, hold on a sec...)
That was a daily conversation all week.
It's fun to be able to go to a 5th area to finish my mission. My area actually is the LEYENDA, which is the area I wrote about in my letter last week. I wrote about divisions there, and said it looked just like Zacapa. It's gonna be a neat experience to finish there.
If I've learned anything on the mission, it's this: The Spirit controls everything we should be doing. He works, covers the earth, and tries so hard to help us move and act the way God would want us to. Many times we are slow to listen to his voice. I have actually had several experiences lately where I have received an answer from the Spirit, questioned if that was the answer, and then not received another confirmation of the answer until a week later. I'm still working on putting in practice that principle of the first idea, shared by Ronald A. Rasband in the last conference talk. I don't remember exactly how he said it, but he said if we follow the first idea we get after pouring our soul out to God in prayer, it will work well 9 out of 10 times.
I'll try to have experiences with this, and I'll share them with you guys in these last weeks of my mission.
Love you guys! See you soon!

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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