Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 94 - Super Weird

Hey Guys!

The end of the mission is SUPER weird. All the missionaries of your zone ask you for tips, the members all ask you how you feel now that you're going home, etc. Even worse than that is that the office sent me my papers about my last goals and everything, and I have to start working on those. Whenever I have a little free time I work on my goals and end-of-the-mission evaluation, and it makes me think about ALL the things I ever did on the mission, all the successes, all the happy moments, and all the sad moments as well. During my mission the idea of home has been nothing more than a vague memory and I never had the idea of home stuck in my mind, not even when I was a brand new missionary. I keep thinking about how I left home, so ready to get out and serve and to work.  I’m going to keep that up until the end.

The work's going well. We're gonna have our first 2 baptisms in the area this week and we're also organizing mission activities in the ward (they haven’t had activities in a long time) and we're planning some really cool things for the end of my mission. My last Saturday we're gonna have a huge activity in the chapel. We're going to throw together a wax museum and get all the ward to participate. We've got the ward council behind us on this, too, so it's great. 

Other news: the elders in Llanos received emergency changes, and their area doesn’t have elders anymore, so we are also in charge of making sure that the two weddings they were planning for June 10th and the 2 baptisms get taken care of. There's a LOT to do. I'm not a zone leader anymore, so I have a lot more time to do it. That's really what I'm focusing on: keeping myself busy and working hard while I finish. I write about the spiritual experiences I have every day to keep myself focused on who I am, and what I have to do until I finish. 

Love you all! See you soon!


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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