Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week 93 - 10 weeks left

Hey Guys!

So as you guys know now, I have 10 weeks left in the mission. That means that today I have accomplished the following:

-5 areas in all my mission
-16 companions in my mission (WOW)
-4 general conferences seen in all my mission
-15 changes passed in all my mission
-4 skype chats with the family
-2 Easters and Holy weeks celebrated
-2 birthdays passed in the mission
-2 Christmases passed in the mission
-70 days left in the mission

I've been through a lot now. It's weird for me to see the calendar every single day and see the date I go home getting closer and closer. It's also been really weird to be the oldest missionary. Yesterday, while we were in ward council, the 2nd counselor put a quadratic equation on the whiteboard as part of his spiritual teaching, and I was almost completely lost. I do not remember how to do anything like that. So my plans to start taking Calculus off the bat when I get home probably will not work.

Mom asked me two questions last night that I was not able to answer in the moment, but now that I've thought about it a bit, I’ve got an answer to the two.

1)What have you most learned over the course of your mission?
Like I said to Mom yesterday, it's VERY hard to sum up two years with one phrase. But I think that what I have most learned is that the Lord loves and works with those who love Him and His children. The idea of the mission was never just to share a couple missionary lessons and help people enter into a congregation. It is to mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. In this manner, you can stand as a witness of Christ in all times, in all things, and in all places. Make sure you look for opportunities to BLESS the lives of people around you.

2)What has been the most satisfying experience on your mission?
Good question. I can't pinpoint it to one moment in time or in one place. here have been places and people I have loved more than others, but what has most satisfied me on the mission is whenever the Lord gives me of His spirit. I know what it means to have the mantle of a missionary and to go forth in the same calling of the apostles. I cannot say I have been perfect, because Christ was the only perfect missionary and there are many things I remember that I know I could have handled better in my mission, but I always learn, and I have kept myself in a position to constantly receive inspiration from the Lord and command with authority in His name.

I hope you guys enjoy my answers! Love you all and see you soon!
Elder Jeffrey Reed

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