Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 11 - Zacapa

The works slowed down a bit since the baptism. We've been all over the area, searching left and right, but no one has really shown any interest. One of our investigators is suffering from some kind of chronic migraine attack, and another might have cancer. The rain came again this week, and we had a nice downpour, not quite as strong as last time, but still pretty good.

This past week, we had Zone Conference, and I ran into Hermana Bertha there! That was pretty cool. We took a picture together, so if you’re getting e-mails from her, you'll get that picture. I didn’t have my camera at the time, unfortunately. Missionaries from all over the country were there, so I got to see a lot of my friends from the CCM, including my old companion, Elder Nawahine. 

This morning was probably one of the strangest I’ve had during my mission. After companionship study, I went to wash off some dishes at the pila, and noticed that in our backyard, one of our coconut trees was gone. Not any of our possessions, not even the motorcycle that’s in our backyard, with the keys sitting in the ignition; just our tree. That was really strange. Whoever took it did a good job, too: it looks like it never existed. Of everything that you could steal, a coconut tree. 

As I’ve been working and learning the language, I’ve had the words to verse 2 of the hymn "Come, Come, Ye Saints" in my head.

"Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard?
'Tis not so, all is right.
Why should we think to earn a great reward
if we now shun the fight?
Gird up your loins, fresh courage take,
our God will never us forsake!
And soon we'll have this tale to tell:
All is well! All is well!"

I know that we all have our challenges, but no matter how alone you feel, no matter how dark the night may seem, no matter how long the road appears, or how much further you have to climb, I can promise you this: you are NEVER alone. There is always someone you can turn to, even when no one around you understands what you're saying or the way you feel. I’ve spent hours on my knees, calling out to my Heavenly Father, and I know he is with me, supporting me.

I love you all! Keep writing! Thank you for all of your support!! 

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