Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 18 - Zacapa

Hey guys!
So guess what happened? We finally had changes! But I'm staying here. That's good, because I honestly expected to stay in Zacapa. But Elder Franco is staying here too, which was a cool surprise.

One of my closer friends among the other missionaries is Elder Cano- a big loud catracho (person from Honduras) who returns home about the same time as Jodi comes home. This kid is crazy, but he's a hard worker, and he loves to work! I'll probably wont see him before he goes back to Honduras, though.

The district hasn't really changed- Elder Franco is still district leader, and the only person that left is Hermana Muñiz. So we'll see what happens when the other hermana arrives. Other than that, nothing really interesting happened with the changes...

What IS interesting is that there's a huge Zica outbreak going on right now in Zacapa. Zica is a minor form of the disease Chikingunya. Chikingunya causes really intense pain in your joints, while Zica causes mild joint pain and a rash that looks like chicken pox all over your body. We were out working one day when Elder Franco stopped and said, "Dude, what's wrong with your face?" I didn't feel anything at this point, so I told him not to be racist. But then he said, "No, I'm serious, you have little red dots all over your face!" I thought I had chickenpox all day... then I woke up and my bones felt like lead. After a bit of stretching, I felt normal. After making fun of me all day that day, Elder Franco looked at his arm and shouted, "Ay Elder Reed, me pegó sus picasones!!" So we both caught Zica. I didn’t take anything for it and I got better pretty fast, but Elder Franco took acetaminophen and is still struggling with joint pain. Lesson to be learned here: Never ever take drugs.

Another interesting thing is that the owner of our house kicked us out the other day. Our contract expired, and she said, "Get out." So we got out as fast as possible. Right now, we don't actually have a home, so we live with the Zone Leaders. It’s cool living with three other elders, but it was kind of weird at first. Also, the Zone Leaders live far away from our area, so it’s kind of a pain to walk so far every night to have a place to sleep.
Love you guys!! We'll see what happens with this next change!!



Elder Jeffrey Reed

(unspecified Guatemalan cellphone number)

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