Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 20 - Christmastime, and why it's Dangerous


Hey guys! Congrats on "From the Top!" That's really cool!

Guys, it does NOT feel like Chistmas. Zacapa/the mission/my life right now is timeless. I honestly can't believe that we all from the Class of 2015 in Monte Vista graduated and that we all went to our different homes and our separate ways. Or that I got on a plane one day and left everything behind for Guatemala. OR that I speak Spanish every day. New times bring new changes...

Pues, este semana es Navidad! Christmastime is a little weird around here. The presence of the national army has increased a little bit in Zacapa. The nightly fireworks and explosions have increased more than is usual. Extortion (a form of robbery/bribery/assault that's pretty hard to explain) is on the rise. Zacapa's generally pretty safe, but the people are a little rowdier, and a little more dangerous than is normal. What I've been told is that EVERYONE in Guatemala on Christmas either isn't in their house or is drunk somewhere on the streets in Zacapa, so we'll see what happens.

One of the good things that happened this week is that we found another house! It isn't in our area, but it's the closest thing that we could find. A house makes a pretty good gift for Christmas, especially when you've been living in your zone leader's garage for the past few weeks. This house is really cool because it's brand new. We're gonna have a new pila, a new shower, and a new kitchen, and basically a new everything. 

As we celebrate Christmas this season, I want you guys to really think about why we celebrate this holiday. Why do we give gifts, why do we have trees lighted and decorated with ornaments, why do we eat chicharrones con yucca, why do we make gingerbread, and everything else? 
We do this all because of Him.

Testificamos que en aquel noche, se nació nuestro Salvador. El nació para que yo pueda ser librado de todas mis cargas. El nació para que pudiéramos tener gozo, no solo en este vida, pero la vida despues. He recibido un testimonio muy fuerte de esto. Dios es diez mil veces mas interesado en nosotros que nosotros mismos. Realmente, El nos ama, y envió su Hijo, Jesucristo, para que pudieramos ser salvo. El nos mostró la via, y estoy muy agradecido, cada dia, por todo lo que me ha dado.

For all of you who are taking Spanish classes, you're all in my thoughts!
I love you all! Keep writing! I miss you, and Ill see you soon!   

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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