Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 23 - English Class and Volcano Ipala

¿Que Ondas?

Hey guys! How is everyone? 

This week, after all the festivals and everything have finally died down, we've been able to work at a normal pace. That makes things a LOT easier. I've been praying hard over these people every day. At this point, life in Zacapa is WAAYY too casual for me. I don't remember if I've said that before in one of my weekly e-mails, but I'm way too used to this. Every day is preach, preach, preach, work, work, work, walk, walk, walk.  Some of the people love us, others run from us, others don't want to see us within 20 feet of them. But hey, that's mission life. It's hard. But what do you do when it's hard? You get on your knees and pray every night, every day, every opportunity you get. And then you keep teaching, and telling everyone you can to do the same.

So besides teaching the Gospel, I am also now an English teacher! This week, Elder Carter and I teamed up to teach English! In our first class, we had 15 people. People who know a lot of English, and people who know none at all. Our companions are Latinos, so they weren't exactly too helpful with running the class. Either way, because of the variety of people, we're going to split it up into two classes: one for beginners and one advanced.

I have one more change left with Elder Franco. He's been a good teacher for me.  He was patient with my mistakes, he basically taught me Spanish, and we've been able to work hard together. We haven't had too much success together, but I've learned a lot about the work.

I love you all! Keep writing, and I'll send you the news on what happens next week!

Elder Reed

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