Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 25 - Trainer, Speaker, and Part-Dominican

Hey Everyone!

This change brought a lot of new things. God decided that after 3 changes with Elder Franco, I was ready for a new companion. So He sent me Elder Flores, a crazy but incredible elder from the Dominican Republic. And the other thing: he's brand-new. After almost 6 months (WOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIME?) of living in Guatemala and thinking nothing but Spanish and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am teaching a missionary how to be a missionary. I've learned a lot of Dominican words in the last few days. Seriously though, this guy's awesome. He's dedicated to the work, loves to laugh, and stops at nothing to figure out exactly what it is that our investigators need and how we can help them. I'm teaching him how to be a missionary, and every day I learn something new about how to be a missionary as well.
Since Carlos' baptism, the work's been a little dry here. We only found 2 new people to teach, though we looked all over. But that won't stop us. Really, the work's incredible. When you have a new elder with you, you get the opportunity to see what they expect of the mission. Elder Flores came with high expectations, and I want to make sure that he never ever has to lower them. We've been following the example that Alma set for us in Alma 8:10 this week. (in the Book of Mormon, everyone should read it, because it's wonderful)

One of the other things about people from the Dominican Republic is that they LOVE their country. Basically every 20 minutes, "Esta cancion es de mi paiz!" or "Man, la comida en mi paiz es literalmente la mejor del mundo." [translation: This song is from my country! Or Man, the food in my country is literally the best in the word.]  So now I'm going to start eating like a Dominican to see if the food there really is the best food in the world. I have yet to try any typical Dominican meals, but I'll let you know if it really is the best food in the world or not. 

I love you all! Remember, in whatever you do, put your heart into it, because when you do, literally nothing can stop you. When you work with your heart, you get results from the heart, and that can be anything from spiritual conversion to building a fence. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21 But seriously, what you make important becomes a part of your soul. If you want to be the best cello player in the world, or make it into Pops concert, or whatever, that becomes an important part of your life. Your desires reflect what is important to you, and what is important to you reflects who you are and the kind of person you can become.

Adios for now! and keep writing! I love you!

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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