Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 80 - Visit from Elder Rasband (one of the modern day twelve apostles)

Hey Guys!

Well, my change is pretty interesting- I'm a Zone leader again with a kid named elder Lott, from Wood's Cross, Utah. I've known him since the beginning of the mission, so it's been pretty neat to catch up.

I got sent to the capital! And its SUPER COLD!!! I'm literally dying. After living in a tropical paradise, being back in the city is a weird transition. I really miss the waves and the crabs and the fishing and everything, but the people here are nice, and we have a LOT to do. 
The area is really big. It covers slums to nice residential, and there are members scattered everywhere throughout. Here you can meet practically whatever kind of person you want- rich, poor, black, white, whoever. There are even many who speak English, 

The ward has been affected by lazy missionaries. There are even members who invite us to see movies. Part of my work is to cut out that Spirit. I have to disassociate the missionaries from those members, or at least help the to see how they should treat missionaries. I think that this is the hardest part of the work here. Also, inspiring the missionaries and showing them what they really can do, and how to do it better. President has got interviews with us this week, and I'm going to express to him some of these thoughts.

I want to share with you a special event that happened this week. Ronald A. Rasband came to visit our mission, and President chose me to play the piano. So I played the prelude with Elder Alvarado, a friend of mine from Chile who plays the violin. Craig C. Christensen came, and so did many other General Authorities. When Elder Rasband entered, everyone stood up. He passed by the piano, and stopped to say, "Hello, Elder! How are you?" and shook my hand. He then said the same thing to Elder Alvarado. That was a special moment. Then he gave his talk, during the which he called President Crapo up to him, and he asked him, "President Crapo, is there anything you want me to testify of to your missionaries?" President responded, "I want them to know, more than anything else, how much their Heavenly Father loves them." A very powerful Spirit filled the room. I have never felt more powerful love from the Savior then that: where an apostle and our mission president, through their actions and words, testify together of the love that God has for us.

After the meeting was over, Elder Rasband took the time to shake the hands of every single missionary there. I played prelude as they were leaving. Every single one of the General Authorities said, "Thank you" to me as I played, and as the last of the elders were filing out, Elder Christensen, of the Seventy, came up to me, grabbed my shoulder, and said, "Elder, have you gotten the chance yet to shake Elder Rasband's hand?" I told him I had, when he entered, and Elder Christensen responded, "I think he wants to shake your hand now." So he grabbed me and took me to Elder Rasband, and said, "Elder Rasband, this is the elder who gave us the prelude and the hymns." Elder Rasband looked at me, smiled, and said, "Thank you, elder, for your service." Then he shook my hand.

I don't know if I can forget that. I felt almost embarrassed at first, but then the warmest feeling of gratitude came over me.

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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