Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 83 - The Lone Missionary

Hey Guys!

Well, let me tell you about my crazy week. The zone I've been leading has been doing great. We have the highest number of fechas than out of any other zone, and we're going to baptize at least 15 people as a zone, which is more than anyone has baptized in any zone this month. 

Monday morning, as we were going out for P-Day, the mission president’s assistants called us and told us we had to go to the mission office as fast as possible, and that my companion had to pack all his things. We knew instantly that he was going to have changes. He got everything ready, rather sad while he was doing it, and pretty soon a taxi showed up, we hopped in, and it took us to zone 9, where the mission office is located. He was assigned to fill another position that had been vacated in the mission. So, we got lunch and laughed with the Assistants for a bit, and then he left for his new assignment.  And I looked at the assistants and said, "What now?" 

They said, "We're gonna find you a companion, don't worry." And so they went to go look while I chilled with the office elders for about 3-4 hours. So they came back and told me, "Umm, Elder Reed, we couldn't find a companion for you." There are very few missionaries in the zone right now, so there was basically no one who could replace Elder Lott as my companion. 

My new assignment is this: I am the only zone leader in Zona Esperanza. Right now I live in the house of the elders of the Maya (one of our districts) but migrate around to help out the missionaries in different areas.  The majority of my time is spent, whenever I can, getting a member to help me out and go cover visits in my area, to help the people who are still gonna get baptized here. I've never been alone in the mission before, so it feels really weird.

I don't know how I’m gonna be able to pull it off. It's actually kind of daunting, considering all the baptismal interviews I have to make and the fact that I don’t have another elder there by my side, but we will see what happens.

Something that's really been on my mind lately has been what I'm gonna do with my life when I get home. I'm one of the oldest missionaries now, and all the missionaries I knew before have gone home. I don't let thoughts about that ever get in the way of the work, but I'm starting to feel the time. Apart from the pressure of being a lone missionary and a lone Zone Leader. 

I was reading some of my old study journals a couple nights ago too. I'm not terribly good at keeping a journal, but I always take notes during my scripture study. I read the study journal I had started before the mission, and was quite surprised by the crazy ideas I found there. I also read my first mission study journal, while I was in Zacapa, and that also surprised me. It made me feel good to know that I have a record of changes in my attitude that have taken place in my life even though I haven't been able to notice them.

Health Report: Having some pretty painful back issues. Might be a slipped disk. But don't worry about it, the problem is fixed through exercise and quiropráctics.

Love you all! Hope you have an awesome week! 


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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