Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week 84 - New Companion!

Hey Guys!!

So, i have a companion again! His name is Elder De Leon, and he's from El Salvador. After about 3 days of trying to work solo, Elder Suman, one of the assistants called, and said, "Hey, have you heard from President that they assigned you another companion?" 
I hadn't. But he came, and I'm training him as a Zone Leader. He's a good, diligent missionary, and he's been out here quite a bit of time. (22 months, as opposed to my 20)

For me, that's not a problem; we work hard, and when we're not working, we're talking about what we're gonna do with life when we get home. He got to the area in good timing, too, because being a Zone Leader alone is very different from having a partner that helps you out. So we've been fighting harder than ever to help every single area baptize. Some are having difficulties, but we have the goal of baptizing 15 people throughout the zone and all the areas are working really hard.

SO... apart from that, we're gonna start having baptisms here in this area, which is super cool! There are people who we've been working on preparing, and everything, and it's great to see them make the final steps towards following Christ.

Just a couple thoughts on trials- there have been a lot. I have faced a few this change- unpredicted emergency changes, not having a companion, other issues- but really, every single one of those is an opportunity to grow. When we pass through these trials, we should thank the Lord for them- they help us to exercise our faith.

I've been thinking rather profoundly about that. Faith is a trust in the Lord. Exercising faith is like developing a relationship with a friend or a family member and keeping it strong. The idea of faith is knowing WHO it is that works miracles in our lives, and then trusting that He will work some miracle in our lives. We must trust Him enough to know that He knows what is best for us, and then we must trust Him enough to know that sometimes, He will do what we expect Him to do, and sometimes, He will do things His own way. He governs the universe and controls everything that happens. We are molded and shaped into the right form by His hands.

Love you lots! Thank you for writing!


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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