Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 37 - My last day in Zacapa - Where to next?

Hey guys!

I'm moving!

I thought I was gonna be a bit more excited to leave Zacapa, but it's actually sad. I'm leaving behind good friends, a great people I've gotten to know, and good food. With every change, there's something good that happens. I'm honestly kind of depressed, but happy at the same time. I want to see what's ahead, but it's hard to leave this behind. #throwback8months

Life's full of changes. God never intended us to stay in one spot for the rest of our lives. If we ever want to grow, to change, or to become anything better than what we are now, we have to accept changes. Everything that has caused a change in my life has changed me for the better: all the times I've moved, the people I've gotten to know, even the language I speak has affected me a little bit. I can honestly say that I am the missionary and person that I am today because of the mistakes I have made, the changes I have experienced, and the things I have learned. 

I don't have too much to say today, just something that's been on my mind. God wants us to progress, God wants us to grow. How do we grow as people? How do we become better as human beings? I have grown to love the concept of repentance over the past few months, particularly because of what I have seen and what i have learned about how it works. Repentance is the power to become free of ever sin, scar, pain, or burden you have ever had. You do it by leaving behind the bad things you do, and replacing your old habits with new ones. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

When we really, truly repent, we become something new. The core of what we once were is completely changed. It's like polishing a shoe. If you just wash thd dirt off of a dress shoe, you're still gonna see the marks that are left from the day. But when you really polish a dress shoe, even if its really old, it looks like it's brand-new. (missionary experiences)
All of you who read this, go do something different with your life. The burdens that you carry, the pain that you have felt; it can all go away. You can be free. You just have to try.


Elder Jeffrey Reed

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