Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 35 - Not My Final Week

Wow. Jodi's going home already?
:/ now I'm alone down here...
Hermana Reed, me quito el sombrero. Serviste con honor, y realmente pusiste el ejemplo por todos tus hermanos. ¡Siga a capitulo 2 de la mision!

So, how many of you guys saw the conference? I can imagine that Scorpion tried his best to hear the message that David A. Bednar gave about the Spirit. I personally loved the message that Jeffrey R. Holland gave us. And we all appreciate the messages our prophet, Thomas S. Monson gave us. Remember that it's your choices that allow you to follow Christ. We can talk about the things Jesus Christ did, we can marvel at the miracles, and we can be awestruck by the love He showed us by suffering for us, but all that means nothing if it doesn't show itself in our actions. Act. Do something nice for someone else. Preach the Gospel. It's not that hard.
Life here in Zacapa's basically the same. We've been extremely excited to go to the temple! For the first time in the mission, a zone outside of the capital received permission to go! And we leave tomorrow to go spend a day there!!! :D Whn I get back, we're gonna go to the temple every day for 3 weeks, asi que preparense mi familia.
I've been thinking quite a bit about how we become pure, and about what we can do to keep ourselves spotless from the sins of the world. Some people don't like the idea of sin, because it's the idea that we do things wrong and we have to acknowledge it. What we don't realize is how much power there is in acknowledging our weaknesses and being humble. I've got a couple steps to avoid temptation, sin and pride:
1) Get away from sin. Don't even put yourself near situations where you can be prideful or make bad mistakes. Where do you want to be when the earthquake strikes, and the epicenter or 250 miles away? That's the way it works with sin and the challenges of these days. If you want to live in safety from sin, go where there is less risk.
2)Fill our life with the good word of God. when you do this, you give your life direction. Go to church, go to the temple, pray with all your heart, repent, do good continually, never turn down anyone in need. You will have a continual inward flow of the Spirit in your life, and this will push out all the bad.

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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