Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 53 - Early New Year's Goals

Hey Guys!

Recently, I've been contemplating who I am, what I want to be, and what I need to be before I get back to California (that's in forever, but it doesn't feel like it anymore). I'm not typically a super-urgent person, but recently, I feel rushed, like I'm running out of time or something like that. This time I have to be a missionary is super precious, and a half of it's already gone.

Right now, the work's been a little hard for us. I've endured rejection and insults on a daily basis for a while now, and I've gotten a little too used to it. Rejection's got a bad effect on missionaries: it makes them tired, it sucks away at their energy. My least-favorite word is the word NO. Those who have not been on missions don't realize what it is to go a whole day, talking to everyone, looking to share with everyone, and everyone says, "no, I'm too busy" or "no, I'm not interested." Those are the polite ones. The meaner ones shout, cuss, and throw things. I think one of the things that you learn on the mission is not to get angry with petty remarks from other people, no matter what they say. The goal is to reflect the Savior in all things, and that means if they beat you, if they spit on you, if they condemn you- you stay quiet. You don't revile them back. No matter what they say or do. Even Paul couldn't do that perfectly. (Acts 23:1-5) 

Well, it's been difficult, but I have something that makes me get up every morning and hope that the next day will be better. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is life after death; it is eternal joy and happiness with your family and loved ones; it is facing all the trials of life with positivity and hope; it is a continual change for the better. A man does not enter the kingdom of God because of the things he has done: if it were so, repentance would be impossible. God measures a man by the quality of his heart and the type of person that he becomes during his life. To learn more about it, read Matthew 20:1-16, ponder what it means, and what we can do to be better people and to become what we need to become to be worthy of the kingdom of God.

Love you all! Thanks for your support!

Elder Jeffrey Reed

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